AFS focuses on solving customers business needs in the foundry industry by providing the most competitive, high-quality, and innovative Finishing Room Automations Solutions available in the market.


Trim Tooling

More then just a legacy Trim Die shop. WE INNOVATE! We are the best at Trim Tooling, and so much more...

AFS has been involved in casting trimming for more then 20 years. Founded by Tool & Die journeymen to make great tooling. AFS has always made tooling for the trimming market share leaders of previous decades but in addition to that we have been the primary innovative force in the market

We have brought new Trim Presses to the market, that are designed with the life, accuracy and cost of ownership of the tool in mind. We also continuosly utilize new machining practices and technology to improve the tooling used in the legacy press systems, replacing the same old techniques of the past die makers and the outdated press systems.   No one brings you a greater depth of knowledge and experience in Foundry Trimming than AFS.

Foundry operations seeking improved finishing productivity have turned to AFS for today’s most advanced trim tooling solutions. AFS trim tooling is specifically designed to accurately complete more finishing with every cycle while also drastically reducing residual tooling costs – resulting in less labor, higher productivity, and overall profitability. 

AFS produces trim tooling for many materials:

  • Brass
  • Copper
  • Aluminum
  • Magnesium
  • Bronze
  • Zinc
  • Ductile Iron
  • Gray Iron


AFS can address all your trim tooling requirements:
  • Low to High Complexity Trim Tooling
  • Tooling for 1-up to 8-up Designs
  • Multiple Station Solutions
  • A > B Trim in a single tool
  • Push-Thru Tooling
  • Low Cost Designs for Low Volume Parts
  • Premium & Complex Designs for High Production Parts
  • Compliant Gauging Designs
  • Scrap Handling Solutions
  • Trim Tool Handling Stations

  Castings. Quality Finished. Faster.