AFS focuses on solving customers business needs in the foundry industry by providing the most competitive, high-quality, and innovative Finishing Room Automations Solutions available in the market.


Trim Press Systems

From Low Volume to High Volume we have you covered! AFS trimming is the fastest quality trimming solution in the market. 

AFS identified the need and has put the investment, engineering and development expertise, the manufacturing and testing capabilities into creating the most advanced line of Trim Press Systems available for Foundry Room Finishing. 

Come to us with the parts that are causing your finishing room bottleneck and we will ​spend the time to develop and propose a custom solution to meet your business and ROI needs.
Most importantly, we believe that finishing room automation shouldn’t be an all-or-nothing proposition.  We engineer our trim press so  further automation can be added wherever and whenever needed to meet workflow demands.
Our Trim Press Systems can be customized to fit each customers specific budget and product needs with a few or all ​of the features below depending on the part and workflow demands.
  • Unique Foundry Trim Press Designs (patent pending)
  • High-speed: High-volume Press Designs with shuttle (Pictured Above) or Hi Speed Dial table 
  • Simple Economy models available for lower to mid volume casting finishing needs. (Pictured Below)
  • Quick Tool Change Process / Auto Lock & Load (10 or less minute tooling changes)
  • Hydraulic Knockout Box Designs
  • Multiple Position Transfer Stations
  • Part Sensing Systems
  • Touchscreen control panel with complete system ​overview and diagnostics
  • Compact & Efficient Hydraulic Power Stations
​All of this working in tandem with our high quality trim tooling assures the most accurate and efficient trim cycle in the industry. 


Castings. Quality Finished. Faster.